The ICT Advantage
The Power of Reliability
Reliability is a commitment we make to our customers. It means confidence. It means assurance. It means that our customers can trust that the product they are receiving is designed, tested and proven to operate under the most demanding conditions. This is the power of reliability.
Our approach is simple - we refuse to compromise when it comes to quality. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and customer service. Using only quality components, we design and manufacture all of our products in our state-of-the-art engineering lab and factory. This means that we have control over quality at all stages of production and that you are receiving a product you can rely on - always.
Innovative Thinking
Innovative Design
We set our standards high and then we aim to surpass them. We do this by investing in the continuous improvement of our products and services by building a team that is knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring that we exceed our customers' power needs.
The Difference is the People
Innovative Circuit Technology prides itself on innovative thinking and technological advances. But our company is not run by technology - it is run by people. We recognize the value of a strong, reliable team in order to operate smoothly, so we have assembled a staff that is dedicated to achieving high standards of service. This means that we are always available for unlimited questions or concerns; that we put customer product satisfaction first; that we listen, and then we work to find solutions.
At ICT, durability means long lasting - under all conditions. Each of our products is extensively researched, tested and proven before it leaves the factory door. With attentive and skilled staff at every stage of the design and production process, we create products that can withstand the most extreme conditions.
Efficiency means many things at ICT. It means a streamlined production process in which quality is controlled with meticulous attention to detail. It means that we can process orders with speed and accuracy. It means high performance products that utilize switching technology. And it means that we are available to address your questions and concerns - quickly and with expert knowledge.
Building Relationships
Building reliable relationships is just as important to us as building reliable products. Relationships with our employees, with our distributors and with our customers are what make our business strong and enduring.
Unlimited Support
We have assembled a team that is knowledgeable, friendly and available for unlimited customer questions, concerns and feedback. Our continuous communication with our customers allows us to adapt to their power needs.
If there is a power need that one of the existing ICT products cannot meet, our engineering team can work to find a solution - whether that means modifying an existing ICT product or designing a new one tailored to a customer's needs. We can meet custom power requirements in a cost-effective way, without sacrificing quality. (Business that involves custom power solutions is known as O.E.M. - Original Equipment Manufacturer).
Experience You Can Rely On
Our customers need to be able to rely on our products 100% of the time. They have come to expect nothing less than absolute confidence that the product they are receiving will meet their power needs. With over 19 years in the electronics engineering industry, ICT stands for experience you can rely on.
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